Confessions of a Dog Hater: The Complete Collection Ergo



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Confessions of a Dog Hater: The Complete Collection  by  Ergo

Confessions of a Dog Hater: The Complete Collection by Ergo
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Confessions of a Dog Hater combines the gravitas of Best in Show with the biting satire of Heart of Darkness, and is filled to the brim with kinky sex. An amazing literary accomplishment that is sure to attract some sort of government intervention. Buy it today, while you still can.My Girlfriend, the BitchVince and Sylvia were a normal, happy couple until Jurgen entered their lives, awaking Sylvias desire to be dominated and Vinces desire to dominate.

In this, the first book in the Confessions of a Dog Hater series, Sylvia convinces Vince to buy a puppy. In return, she must submit to his desire to humiliate and abuse her.Suburban PainAll Sylvia wants to do is move out of her shack in the inner city to a nice house somewhere where the air isnt quite so polluted and there arent so many drunks wandering past her door. Unfortunately, in order to make this happen she must submit to the depraved desires of her boyfriend, Vince, as well as endure the punishment meted out by Sally, the beautiful but impatient real estate agent.Pet Girls of SuburbiaVince loves Sylvia, and Sylvia loves sadistic lesbian sex almost as much as she loves Vince.

So it makes sense that they buy a new house together. To Sylvia, a new house means new furniture. To Vince, new furniture means only one thing - Swedish Hell. Luckily for him, they bump into Marissa the dog groomer while shopping and Sylvia decides that shed rather get Bello the dog groomed than shop for a sofa.

But Marissa isnt just any old dog groomer, and the dog show she wants to take Sylvia to isnt for the likes of Bello.

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