Bold, Fierce, and Transformed Bridgette Murphy

ISBN: 9781619964150

Published: January 1st 2012


154 pages


Bold, Fierce, and Transformed  by  Bridgette Murphy

Bold, Fierce, and Transformed by Bridgette Murphy
January 1st 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 154 pages | ISBN: 9781619964150 | 10.14 Mb

Have you ever set out to accomplish a major goal such as becoming an award-winning actress, getting signed by a record company, publishing a book, or completing your PhD but were met with obstacles at every turn? Has it ever seemed like the moment you set out to complete a goal was the moment when previously unseen barriers arose to block your path? That happens to all of us, but when that happens to you, there is a way to press forward into the future you envision. This book is about being bold enough to recognize the barriers but still daring to move forward to accomplish your goals.

Its about being fierce, persistent, and passionate enough to break through every obstacle and reach your desired destination. Its a book that invites you to take a journey-a transformational journey-and encourages you that no matter where you are now, its not where you have to always be. Its a book that will challenge you to your core to be bold, be fierce, be transformed!

Empowering speaker, passionate writer, visionary, innovator and teacher are just some of the words used to describe Bridgette Murphy. The President and CEO of Bridgette Murphy Enterprises, she created the company with the mission to help women, and youth come into their purpose as they understand their value, find their passion for life, and reach their true potential. This global enterprise specializes in delivering practical purpose driven messages to religious organizations, educational institutions, women, young professionals and adolescents through the art of dancing, writing and speaking.

She has always been a profound speaker, traveling conducting over 30 seminars for corporate employees. She has also been requested to speak at various events for women and youth.

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